What is Eesti Pandipakend?

Eesti Pandipakend is a producer responsibility organisation established in year 2005 and being active in organising the recycling of  marketed by producers, importers and traders. Our tasks is the administrating and organising of collection, transport, sorting, counting and recycling of deposit-subjected packagings in all of Estonia, i.e. we deal with the plastic, glass and metal packagings of water, carbonised drinks, beer, cider, perry and alcohol beverages.

Why is Eesti Pandipakend needed?

Years ago you could only take glass packagings to a packaging collection station or just throw them away. But a large share of used plastic and metal packagings was simply left in a forest somewhere, because only glass packagings were collected; plastic and metal cans had no value.

Thanks to the refundable packaging deposit system established in year 2005, the forests and beaches of Estonia have become markedly cleaner.

You should know that every plastic, metal or glass beverage packaging can be recycled, instead of wasting virgin materials to make new ones all the time!

Why should I return packagings?

Do you want our country to retain its beautiful clean nature and remain habitable in the future? If yes, then you need to preserve the environment now. When you return the deposit-subjected beverage packagings to dedicated return stations located near stores, then the packagings can be recycled. This is a win-win situation for you and the environment, because you’ll protect the nature and make it cleaner this way.