How does the deposit system work?

Deposit-subjected packagings, i.e. packagings returning you the deposit money are sold everywhere: in stores, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations; etc. You can return a packaging bearing the marking of Eesti Pandipakend everywhere where beverages are sold in packagings with that marking, or to a collection point nearby.

Since year 2009, all beverage packagings in the system of Eesti Pandipakend bear the emblem shown below. This emblem shows that the producer is a member of the EPP system and that the beverage packaging with the EPP marking has a monetary value.

Deposit emblem Package type Volume Deposit in euros
Non-refillable plastic package Up to 0.5
l (incl. 0.5 l)


Non-refillable plastic package Above 0.5 l (excl. 0.5 l)


Non-refillable metal package All volumes


Non-refillable glass package All volumes


Refillable glass package All volumes



Packagings are collected by the retail seller. Transport of the collected packagings to the counting and sorting centre is organised by the EPP. Packagings without the EPP marking cannot be accepted for return and are not refunded with a deposit, we’re sorry to say. Those are bottles from strong alcoholic beverages, glass jars, salad boxes, foodstuff packagings, Tetrapak beverage packagings, etc.

As a rule, the collection stations of beverage packagings in the stores are not giving out money. You can get the money from a cashier if you present the deposit slip that the collection station gave you. If you wish, you can also use that deposit slip as payment for your purchases, because the amount on the deposit slip will be discounted from your bill. Return vending machines also give you a deposit slip that you can use the same way.

You can and you get!

You can:

  • Sort packagings separately from household waste and take them to a collection station;
  • Store packagings so that their shape is not deformed and the EAN code (barcode) on their label is legible;
  • Return the packagings to collection stations.

You get:

  • Refund for the deposit-subjected packagings according to the valid price list;
  • Help and support from the retail seller for any problems regarding the returning of packagings.