How to join the system

ABC for the Horeca businesses or shops

To join the EPP system, please fill in and sign the cover page and Appendix 4 of the contract. The quickest way to do it is to digitally sign the contract. If you fill in and sign by hand, then send the documents to us by post as two counterparts. By signing the contract, you will not have to send us invoices yourself and we base the payments on the report sent to you.

You don’t have to print and sign the terms and conditions and the appendices, but they are still integral parts of the contract and by signing the cover page of the contract you also agree to the provisions of the terms and conditions and the appendices. You can view the appendices of the contract HERE.

The prerequisite for signing the contract is that the retailer is registered in the Commercial Register and in the Register of Economic Activities as an undertaking of the relevant category of activities, selling goods packaged into deposit-subjected packagings to end users and end consumers and receiving empty deposit-subjected packagings from end users and end consumers and refunding the deposits to the end users and end consumers as a retailer’s obligation prescribed in the Packaging Act.

In case of manual collection, the retailer can start collection activities after the EPP has issued the relevant accessories. NB! If packagings are to be collected with a return vending machine, then the collection activities must not start before a representative of the EPP has approved the collection point housing the return vending machine.