How to return packaging

1. Sort the packagings by material and put them into separate collection bags provided by the EPP. The packagings must have the following markings – A, B, C. Plastic packagings and cans must be sorted into a large collection bag; one way glass packagings must be collected into container.

2. Returnable glass packagings (marking “K KORDUSKASUTATAV”) must be sent to the producers.

3. Fill the collection bag with packagings, but ensure that it is convenient to grab and lift it afterwards. Don’t put too many, but also not too few packagings into a bag. Too full bags are difficult to lift and they may tear.

4. It’s forbidden to put wrong packagings, unrelated items and trash into the EPP collection bags.

5. After filling the bag, close it with an EPP closure. At the removal date, put the part of a sticker bearing the EPP barcode onto the closure. Preserve the other part of the sticker, because you might need it later for clarifying the collected quantities. Never send any bags without a closure and a sticker. Such bags are impossible to relate to any enterprise later and you will not receive money for those bags. Keep filled collection bags in a lockable room.

6. To order transportation for removing the filled bags and containers, please submit it first electronically to When submitting an order, please provide in the e-mail your client number, number of filled packaging bags and containers and which equipment and how many you need. The orders are filled within five business days or according to the delivery schedule. The minimum pickup amount is five full bags or one full container.

7. When the transport vehicle arrives, count the bags together with the driver, and then note the data on the transport document and confirm that note together with the driver.